The Benefits of Using a Seed Cleaning Machine

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Seed cleaning is an important step in setting up a good harvest and, unlike the weather, can be managed well.  High volumes of seeds can be optimized using seed cleaning machines and literally tonnes of seed can be processed in a batch.

Good seed cleaning promotes productivity, minimised wastage and ensures seed can be stored well; variety conformity is ensured and debris and polluting factors minimised. Seed cleaning machines can sort, coat, filter and grade seeds as part of the process and can efficiently do so.  Chaff, straw, diseased grains and dust can all be removed in the process leaving uniform, healthy and standardised seeds for future processes such as milling or storage. Grading of such seed is easier, clearer to purchasers and is likely to attract higher income.

Without seed cleaning then crops are less viable, can be of mixed variety, can be subject to disease and variance.  This is not only inefficient, but costly to the cycle of production which can be damaged beyond the next season.  Preparation is key and modern, economic and hygienic seed cleaning machines are first rate.

A seed cleaning machine can completely eradicate unwanted and unhealthy contamination.  It uses fundamental processes, such as the use of a fan to remove lighter contamination like empty grains and dust.  After winnowing, sifting with sieves can remove other debris, using oscillation.  The grading of seeds can be adjusted at each stage, with various settings to increase uniform results.

A full harvest can be cleaned in a short period of time and seed length and overall size processed to ensure maximum strength and grade.  As machines can handle huge volumes of seeds, the process is not a daunting one and can be repeated through different grades, leaving only the unwanted seeds and debris to be discarded.  By handling large volumes in short time periods, it is easier to be able to address any high wastage or contamination; such information can then inform the next harvest and ensure decisions are made to keep productivity high.

Seed cleaning machines and services can also coat and treat seeds at this point, which protects seeds from disease or rot during storage.  With a well graded and coated seed, the next planting season is well-prepared for and relatively little time needs to be spent of preparation at that point; it has all been done already.

Wheat prices are variable, but demand outstrips supply and investing in a piece of machinery which efficiently sand effectively sorts, filters an even treats seeds is absolute sense.  Top class machinery means less handing of the grain, which can then be taken through the various processes in one go.  Huge volumes of seed can be processed and filters and markers used to your specifications.  Without the use of a seed cleaning machine, the task is heavily time consuming, not so easily standardised and laborious.  This all equates to inefficiency with greater room for error; and this in turn risks poorer grade and value of seeds and if replanting, a lesser viable crop in the future.


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The Benefits of Using a Seed Cleaning Machine

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The Benefits of Using a Seed Cleaning Machine

This article was published on 2013/06/25