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The cannabis seeds market has seen the rise of several seed companies over the years. However, not all of them provide their customers with high quality seeds. Serious Seeds is one company that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to great seeds, which have proven equally satisfying for growers as well as smokers. True to its name, the company is very serious about it’s commitment to quality and good service.

Serious Seeds, has only five strains on offer. However, these are the some of the best available in the world today. The small firm has been concentrating on quality over quantity in the last couple of decades; and has actively produced consistently stable and high quality cannabis seed. These seeds guarantee a great smoke and complete customer satisfaction.

Reliable and independent lab tests conducted by different Cannabis foundations have also discovered that the seed strains on offer from ‘Serious’ produce some of the most robust plants in the world. They are attributed with the highest THC of about 18-22% as well. These tests were done on the same seed strains as those distributed to clients.

Serious seeds have also produced some of the best F1 hybrids by crossing stable strains. These seeds, guarantee good germination as well as a consistently productive plant. The seeds, themselves are produced in small quantity to ensure quality and are always handpicked and fresh.

Every seed batch produced by Serious is also tested for germination rate as well as uniformity, of the resulting plants; before releasing the same for sale. As a result, all bags of the company are marked, as evidence of quality check. Customers can use the original package and number to get in touch with the firm, in case of any issues with the seed.

One of the greatest reasons behind the success of Serious, is simply the driving need to find and develop new plants that provide pure smoking pleasure. And the plants are not simply produced for the clients, but also the owners and employees themselves; who enjoy a good smoke as much as anyone else.

The F1 hybrids on offer from Serious are the first generation offspring of two different and usually unrelated cannabis strains. The resulting plant is short and bushy; with broad leaves. It usually takes less time to flower, as compared to its other counterparts.

Some of these may even be used to treat certain groups of patients. Most of these medicinal strains usually have a high concentration of THC’s along with other cannabinoids. The seeds also produce plants that provide a better smoking effect.

One of the most prominent seed offered by Serious is the Ak-47. It was so named, because it’s considered a one hit wonder that can knock you out with a simple puff. This exclusive seeds has gained more popularity by word of mouth, than others, that have been covered by marijuana journals and other press.

However, beware of other seed companies that masquerade their own sub par strains as Ak-47’s. The original Ak-47 is a product of Serious Seeds and a highly specialized one at that., UK’s popular choice for seeds requirements, is especially known for its Feminized Serious Seeds, Serious Seeds and Pick N Mix Serious Seeds varieties, among several others.

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Serious Seeds

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This article was published on 2010/10/25