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There has been a lot written about the paradise seed variety lately, especially considering that the price of cannabis seeds continues to skyrocket. Because paradise seeds are offered both in masculine and feminized forms, it makes sense to consider this variety if you are looking to start home growing your cannabis.

One of the key questions when it comes to paradise seeds is whether or not you should grow them indoors. Again, a lot has been published about this, but all too often we simply see contradictory advice from people who have tried to grow paradise seeds and failed. Ultimately, failure only occurs in 5% of growing cases (if you do everything right) so we figure that people are simply not educating themselves on the proper growing techniques for this amazing range of seeds.

That's exactly what we are going to offer in this article. Hopefully by the end you will have a much better idea of the ways to enhance the growing of your paradise seeds.

Types of Paradise Seeds

There are of course a number of different types of paradise seeds, even though the paradise range in and of itself is a separate variety from other types of cannabis plants. Obviously different stockists will have different types, but some of the most common types available through the list of online stockists we saw include:

"Sensi Star
"Swiss Bliss
"Dutch Dragon

Each of these types of paradise seeds has a different combination of growing characteristics. For example, the Dutch Dragon type has a THC content of 15% and is slightly sweet to the taste and smell. It requires 65 days from planting to yield, and is able to yield 500 grams per plant when grown indoors, and up to 700 grams when grown outdoors in the right conditions.

Contrast this variety to say the Swiss Bliss type. The THC content of this type can reach 20% - which makes it more potent than the Dutch Dragon. However, the yield per plant is slightly less on this variety. For each planting cycle, you will receive about 400 grams for a plant grown indoors. This jumps to 600 grams when grown outdoors in the right conditions.

As you can see, whilst only very slight variations in the different types have been shown, with over 10 different types of paradise seeds available on the market, you are able to customize your purchasing to reflect what you want out of a cannabis plant.

Pricing and Competitiveness

The pricing structure of the paradise seeds range is attractive. A pack of 10 seeds varies in price from around $60 to $100. The success rate of the plants is over 95%, and therefore this range has received a lot of praise for the high germination rate. If you are looking for a variety which is cheap, easy to grow, and medium to high yielding, the paradise seeds range is definitely worth considering.
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Paradise Seeds

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This article was published on 2010/10/25