Feminised Seeds From Nirvana

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Cannabis seeds are a joy to grow and smoke. However, seeds that havent undergone the feminization process are likely to take much of the joy out of the process. Simply acquiring femininized seeds may not be enough to guarantee a great smoke or yield though and the seeds have to be high quality as well. The feminized seeds from Nirvana are considered to be one of the best cannabis seed options in the world. Heres why.

Feminised seeds are very important for growers who grow the buds simply because the plant doesnt produce any seeds. Buds with seeds are usually less popular because of reduced potency as well as smoking inconveniences. These seeds tend to burn differently in pipes and the rolled smoke is usually lopsided and difficult to keep alight.

The best way to avoid these problems is to opt for feminised seeds from Nirvana. The seed selection offered by the company is both reliable and top quality. Pick and mix options are also available and offers growers a wider variety of plants to harvest. The seed collection is available in outdoor and indoor variations for added convenience.

The Nirvana Pure Power Plant is one of the best seeds on offer. This is a strong variety that is characterized by loads of crystals as well as high yield. It is a particular favorite of growers who focus on growing the white variations of grass. It is an Indica Sativa mix and has been derived from South Africa. The strain has also never been hybridized.

The Nirvana feminised Wonder Woman is another great seed for smokers and growers alike. The fresh genetics used to create the seed, have made it possible to achieve a really high yield. The buds of this plant are rock hard, but easy to trim and the smoke is easily distinguishable by its rich skunk flavor and long lasting effect.

The Aurora Indica feminised seed has been created from two of the most potent and powerful strains in the world. The plant is not particularly tall and therefore, apt for indoor growth. However, it does produce weighty buds and colas. It has a very high yield and generates extraordinary quantities of resin that can be used to create intense, black colored hash. The fragrance is simple delicious and may be used to induce an almost narcotic trance as well.

The Medusa is one of the more recent additions to the Nirvana seed catalogue. The powerful misty genes of the plant, does indeed have the ability to turn people into stone. It is characterized by a deep and musty aroma, with a sugar cane aftertaste. And while the yields are modest, the fabulous smoke is more than adequate compensation for the same. Medusa is recommended for all cannabis connoisseurs.

The Blackjack feminised seeds from Nirvana are a particular favorite of medical professionals. The plants have incredible medicinal properties as well as an intense and flavorful smoke that draws smokers in. A high induced by hash from this plant is always remarkably enduring.

Other feminised Nirvana seeds that you must absolutely try include, the Nirvana Bubblelicious, Nirvana Ice and Nirvana Papaya, to name a few. Any of these seeds are quite capable of transporting you to paradise.
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Feminised Seeds From Nirvana

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This article was published on 2010/10/19